I want to change…

Because Barack said so. and because I want to be honest with myself. I’m not happy with my body. And no this isn’t one of those “i’m a skinny girl, who put on a few lbs and will have to hit the gym hard” stories. I need to lose this weight for my own health. I’m Fat. and I dont like it. And when you don’t like something you CHANGE it. I’m finding it hard to do that. i have no motivation, i hate the gym, but i know i need to drastically change. my mom used to tell me how disciplined i used to be. And i remember. I was much of a perfectionist. Gymnastics, academics, extracurriculars, i had discipline. But this weight that burdens me scares me. Because I think it’s hindering me in soo many ways.

It’s time for a change. I just need to be like Nike and Just Do It…

I can do this...

I can do this...


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