It was all a dream…

Can i just say, this movie was very entertaining. And so real that it was dumb silly and midly hilarioso. I didn’t realize Biggie had ladies all over the damn place. RIP.

So this leads to me thinking that life is much too short. I have so many things to accomplish in this life, so much love to give, and so many people to thank. for now it’s all about making ME happy and doing the things in life that will culminate to my utter happiness. I’m going to be reckless without being wreckless, but use common sense. Everyone makes mistakes in there lives, but God is so forgiving that he is sometimes willing to give a “clean slate.” To him I am forever grateful because when i was going through rough times, I thought it was the end of me. I do feel as though part of me went away, but i know that I’ll get all of me back.

Kind how Biggie finally became a man before death, I am going to prove to myself that I can be the black woman that i’ve always wanted to be. I am the future, I am the dream, I am ME and will strive to be the happiest me I can be.

No dream is too big…



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